CABR/M rebar processing machinery helps the Winter Olympics curling venues complete the gorgeous turn from “Water Cube” to “Ice Cube”

We supply rebar processing machinery to China Construction (Tianjin) Industrial Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


China Construction (Tianjin) Industrial Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. completed the water cube curling site renovation project for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The maximum deviation of the concrete slab above the steel structure produced by the prefabricated factory is within 1 mm, which ensures the flatness of the ice surface, making it the first Winter Olympic venue in the world to build a curling track in a swimming pool.


China Construction (Tianjin) Industrial Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.’s prefabricated building smart factory rebar processing center includes intelligent rebar flexible mesh welding production line, intelligent rebar truss production line, intelligent rebar shearing and bending production line, intelligent rebar bending hoop production line, intelligent Automatic production systems such as steel bar straightening and cutting machines. According to the requirements of PC prefabricated construction engineering components, use BIM technology for 3D modeling, automatically re-sample the required steel bar products, generate a steel bar product blanking list, and import batch orders from the production and processing module to start steel bar processing and obtain various steel bars product.


More details,please see the following video.