The “crown of the city” of zhengzhou


Recently, the longhu public art center in zhengdong new district, “the crown of the city” of zhengzhou, which was designed with the help of the engineering consulting institute of techno- logy, has been put into use. The art center is an art gallery building full of future science and technology, integrating exhibition, meeting and sightseeing functions, with a 360-degree view corridor and a flowing a- rchitectural curve, which looks like a spaceship from afar. The viewing gallery is only provided with three fulcrum points in the inner ring, which are connected with the lower concrete s- tructure. The vertical underbelly of the truss at the fulcrum is thickened and goes directly into the lower concrete structure, which not only guarantees the security of the support, but a- lso “hides” the fulcrum of the steel structure. In order to further achieve the effect of “floating and transparent”, no structural members appear on the outer facade, and the viewing gall- ery overhangs 8.5 meters from the fulcrum of the inner ring. The maximum span of the overhanging end reaches 68 meters, which is the width of a standard football field. During the construction process, engineers went to the construction site and measured the vertical vibration of the maximum span cantilever end to confirm that the vibration comfort of the stru- cture met the requirements.



This project also embodies the wisdom and sweat of multi-professional engineers, including the strength and stability of the steel structure ring corridor and the analysis of nodes; The comfort level of different floor plans was compared; The seismic performance of ring gallery support is analyzed. The study determined the deformation limit of the cantilever end, co- mpleted the deformation analysis, etc., all the analysis and studies were passed the expert special discussion meeting, and the preliminary design of the structure and the mechanical and electrical equipment was completed.