We successfully won the bid for the BMU project in Alamein New City, Egypt.

Recently, we successfully won the bid for the BMU project in Alamein New City, Egypt.
This is another classic project after the BMU project in Egypt’s new capital CBD and the Russian Space Center.
It is an important symbol of further deepening cooperation between CABR/M and CSCEC. It is also the largest single contract project we have signed in overseas markets.

The Alamein New City super high-rise complex project in Egypt includes one high-rise apartment building of about 300 meters and four high-rise apartment buildings of about 200 meters, as well as supporting commercial areas and other facilities.
After the completion of the New City of Alamein, it will become the “Summer Capital” of Egypt. This is another major new city development project implemented by the Egyptian government after the development and construction of the new capital.

In the Alamein New City super high-rise complex BMU project, we fully leveraged the advantages of collaboration within the group and industry resources to provide the project with optimized solution configurations and faster feedback to the greatest extent.
With the full support and promotion of the group headquarters and BICM, a relatively complete cooperation service platform has been established to provide customers with one-stop problem solutions and help the project successfully win the bid.