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JD180BL Hydraulic Crawler Multi-function Drilling Rig

Three JD180BL hydraulic crawler multi-functional drilling machines were customized for dubai 950MW photovoltaic hybrid power station project undertaken by China NENGjian Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company.
The project belongs to maktoum solar Park in the desert region of South Dubai. The pile foundation construction part includes 5016 cast-in piles and 39936 micro piles. The drilling rig is required to drill 10° inclined hole, drill depth is no less than 6 meters, and enter the rock 2 meters.
According to the construction requirements, on the basis of JD180 rig, designed the 15600 – nm 140 RPM speed with high torque JY160 – LD60 power head, use 7000 mm trip extension mast, be able to complete the project need 6.5 meters deep, one-time Ф pore forming requirements of 250 mm diameter, greatly improve the construction efficiency, in order to solve the tianjin in turbine of this project is the most important, the construction of the construction cost is greatly reduced, the efficiency is remarkable.

Product Type  JD180BL Hydraulic multi-function drilling drilling rig
Rated output&Speed 160kW/2200rpm
Work Mode: Rotation
Max.Torque / Max.Rotating Speeding (1) 15600N.m /  140r/min
Max.Torque / Max.Rotating Speeding (2) 12000N.m /  180r/min
Impulsion Force 57kN
Extraction Force 85kN
Feed Stroke 6700 mm
Winch Capacity  20000N
Total Weight 17000kg