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Construction machinery institute held a financial work conference

On the afternoon of May 7, cciee held the 2020 financial work meeting in the form of “live + video” meeting. Party secretary gong jianfei and chief accountant Yang rubing attended the meeting. More than 60 other leading team members, functional department heads, subsidiaries, branch heads and so on attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Yang rubing explained the basic concept of finance in enterprise management, analyzed the current situation of financial control in the construction of machinery insti- tute, Shared the financial logic behind the concept of managing capital and the integration of business and finance, and put forward the “two gold” of pressure control and the implem- entation ideas of improving quality and efficiency. He pointed out that the first is to understand the business financial concept, familiar with the concept of financial basis, the importa- nce of performance evaluation indicators and the logic of operating and financial leverage behind the scale development. Second, it is necessary to analyze the profitability of listed c- ompanies in the standard industry, implement the strategy of digital transformation and upgrading and science and technology innovation-driven development, improve the operating profit margin and create shareholder value. Thirdly, the paper analyzes the key links and feasibility of the realization of the target from the aspects of net operating interest rate, turno- ver efficiency and capital demand. Fourth, we need to improve the quality and efficiency of products from the aspects of market development, resource allocation optimization, innov- ation, lean management, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and risk prevention. He stressed that financial personnel should establish a sense of legal compliance, earnestly abide by the professional ethics, strictly implement the financial system, constantly improve the ability to identify and prevent the risks of the post, do not step on the “red line” of disci- pline, do not touch the “bottom line” of the law, with high-quality financial capital management to promote the high-quality development of the hospital.


Gong jianfei made a summary speech, he pointed out that, first, we should further unify our thinking, recognize the bottleneck and the necessity of reform in the development of the ins- titute, break through the shackles of stock thinking, and establish an incremental thinking model; Second, we should strengthen the concept of “capital”, establish a sense of “goal and result” orientation, and promote the implementation of “101” decomposition indicators through “lean” integrated financial management, “contractual and term system” and “equity ince- ntive”, so as to maintain and increase the value of state-owned capital. Third, we need to consolidate our responsibilities, foster a sense of responsibility and an entrepreneurial mindset, enhance our awareness of innovation, seek benefits from science and technology, management and the market, and work together to achieve the “101” target.



This project also embodies the wisdom and sweat of multi-professional engineers, including the strength and stability of the steel structure ring corridor and the analysis of nodes; The comfort level of different floor plans was compared; The seismic performance of ring gallery support is analyzed. The study determined the deformation limit of the cantilever end, co- mpleted the deformation analysis, etc., all the analysis and studies were passed the expert special discussion meeting, and the preliminary design of the structure and the mechanical and electrical equipment was completed.