Steel Wire Mesh Bender

Product Description

Model: GWW13 1500/2000/2500/3000/3500

Max. Bending Mesh Width: ≤1500/2000/2500/3000/3500mm

Mesh Line or Cross Wire Diameter: 6-13mm

Bending Angle: ≤180°

Bending Speed: 10°/sec

Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System: 16Mpa

Steel Wire Mesh Bender

Automatic Steel Mesh Bender used for bending steel wire mesh, widely used in PC plant, rebar fabricate plant and so on.

Technical Advantages:

1 Easy Operation

2 High Efficient Productivity

3 Stronger Bending Strength

4 Reliable Working Performance

Technical Parameters



Max. Bending Mesh Width


Min. Bending Mesh Length


Mesh Line or Cross Wire Diameter


Bending Angle

0 ~ 180°

Angle Tolerance


Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System


System flow

20 L/min

Rated Power

7.5 KW

Dimensions (L*W*H)



0.9 tons


application example

  • Steel Mesh Bender-6
  • Steel Mesh Bender-7
  • Steel Mesh Bender-8

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