Automatic Rebar Sawing Line

Product Description

Model GJX300/GJX500

Max. Sawing Width 300/500mm

Working Capacity 12-50mm

Sawing Length 1-12m

Rebar Convey Speed 0-50 m/min

Technical Advantages

1. Highly automatic, reducing the labor intensity greatly;

2. Productive sysem improves the efficiency by over 40%;

3. Modular combination offers different configuration modes;

4. Special noise attenuation measures are taken to reduce noise;

5. Finished are collected by various methods, reducing crane usage;

6. Accurate length system for accurate rabar sawing;

7. All aspects of rebar produced is to the standards;

8. Rebar can be filled in the chute and then sawed, improving the productivity.

Technical Parameters




Working Capacity



Sawing Width

200-300 mm

200-500 mm

Feed Roller Conveying Speed

48 m/min

50 m/min

Raw Material Stacker Length

12000 mm

12000 mm

Sawing Length

1500~12000 mm

1500~12000 mm

Length Tolerance

±5 mm

±5 mm

Working Pressure

0.4~0.7 MPa

0.4~0.7 MPa

Hydraulic System Pressure



Total Power

11 kW

15 kW


3 Phase,380V±5%, 50Hz or Customized

Dimensions (L*W*H)

28000×4280×1700 mm

28000×5000×2200 mm

application example

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