Economical Automatic Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

Product Description

Model GGJ13E

Working Capacity 5-13mm

Machine Function Straightening, Bending, Cutting

Max. Working Speed 110m/min

Economical Automatic Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

The Automatic rebar stirrup bending machine controlled by servo system, can automatically accomplish rebar feeding, straightening, bending and cutting working. Could continuously bend various stirrup figure, mainly used for produce rebar hook and stirrup product in construction, bridge, high-speed road and rebar fabricate plant. 

Technical Advantages

1. Automatic wire feeding system (CNC)

2. Split, multi-blade design (patented) to reduce consumption costs.

3. Large storage capacity can save 500 processing geometric graphics, high degree automation.

4. High power feeding motor to ensure bending bar accuracy.

5. The intelligent fault identification alarm system maintenance more convenient.

6. Heavy-duty design line planes, equipped with a brake and buffer device can prevent chaotic lines caused by downtime.

7. High quality special material and high treatment to make straightening wheels, traction wheels, the metering wheel, longer life with operating costs.

8. Touch-screen console, easy to operate, and more fast.

9. High efficiency and accurate processing precision.

Technical Specifications


GGJ13 – Economical


Double wire


Single wire


Maximum Bending Angle


Mandrel Diameter

20/25/32mm (40/50/60 optional)

Maximum Pulling Speed

110 m/min

Maximum Bending speed

1250 °/sec

Max. Side Length of Stirrup


Length Tolerance


Bending Angle Tolerance


Production Capacity:

Stirrups with 5 bends, Rebar length 1200mm

With 1 wire: 900 /h

With 2 wire:1800 /h

Rated Total Power


Voltage Specification

3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz or customize

Noise Intensity

Leq = <80 dB(A)

Operating Ambient Temperature


Gross Weight

2.4 Ton

Overall dimensions


Applicable Material Status

HPB235, HPB300, HRB335,

HRB400, HRB500

Exported Countries

We have exported rebar bender to Philippines,Cambodia,Thailand,India,Kuwait,Brazil,Bolivia,New Zealand,Russia,etc.

application example

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